Houston Regional Veterans Chamber of Commerce

Pathfinder Mission Director 

I have studied Branding, Organizational Behavior, and Human interaction for more than 25 years. My wife Ruth, and I, own and operate Storyteller Promotions, a brand management firm that seeks to tell the unique story of each of our clients through Branding, Ad Specialties, and Events. 

Our combined experiences with national brands provide you with the ability to build your unique brand message, targeted to your specific audience that results in a lasting emotional connection.

I am a graduate of the Disney Institute, an alumnus of the West Houston Leadership Institute, a member of the Marine Embassy Guard Association and the National Marine Corps Business Network. I am the author of TAKE 2 – A Behavioral Approach to Creating Brand Loyalty, AND, S.T.A.R.- Threat Mitigation in the Service-Oriented Environment.

I retired from the Public Safety profession with demonstrated experience at the federal, state, county, and municipal level, to include institutions of higher learning and Nuclear Facilities.

Before retiring I was named “Texas Lawman of the Year” by the Texas Sheriffs Association.

My career in public safety and security began as a U.S. Marine assigned to various American Embassies, where I was charged with the responsibility for physical security, diplomatic protection, and the protection of classified material.