Houston Regional Veterans Chamber of Commerce

Michael A. Goodrich

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Michael embarked on a career in the Air Force immediately upon
graduating from high school. His military tenure enabled him to hone his skills in leadership and crisis
management, specifically in the areas of logistical planning, coordination, and execution of numerous
operations and sorties spanning the Middle East and beyond.

In the past seven years, Michael has devoted himself to the academic and practical facets of finance, focusing on areas such as personal finance, business finance, global macroeconomics, financial risk management, and portfolio construction.

Relocating his family to Houston in 2022, Michael is now a vibrant member of the community, particularly through his active involvement with the Houston Regional Veterans Chamber of Commerce. The organization’s mission aligns closely with his own values, focusing on the recognition of veteran-owned businesses at various governmental levels while simultaneously aiming to enhance the overall veteran economy.

Michael’s current endeavors not only highlight his diverse skill set but also underscore his commitment to service, community betterment, and financial literacy. Just as he led and coordinated relief and logistical operations during his military career, he now channels that same energy into aiding business owners and promoting financial education within his community. Married to his wonderful wife Mary, they are blessed with four children, ages 4, 10, 15 and 20.